Failure to comply with IRS regulations can be costly with possible DOL disciplinary actions, such as fines, penalties or even criminal consequences. At ABV Advisors Benefit Compliance (ABV Advisors), we make sure the forms preparation and filing process for each and every client is efficient, accurate, timely and compliant.

For example, in today’s regulatory environment, Form 5500 is a crucial electronic filing with complex rules and regulations.  The most minor mistakes due to lack of understanding or incomplete filings can be damaging to a business. By enlisting ABV Advisors, our clients benefit from our unique expertise, guidance and support in completing and filing Form 5500 accurately and on time.

As a plan sponsor, broker or employer, you do not need any unforeseen, costly surprises when it comes to staying compliant. Given continued DOL enforcement efforts, let ABV Advisors make sure you’re fully prepared when it comes to all of your required forms and filings.