United States Department of Labor

This is the official site of the United States Department of Labor, the Cabinet level organization responsible for much of the guidance of ERISA, the law governing operational issues of employee benefit plans. The particular division governing employee benefit plans is the Employee Benefits Security Administration and their site is loaded with details of law and regulations, technical guidance, required forms, filing rules and compliance assistance.


A private organization sponsored site, operated by a University of Chicago attorney and whose objective it is to support the people who administer, provide compliance advice about, design, make policy for, or otherwise are concerned with, employee benefit plans in the United States sponsored by either private or governmental employers.

The site offers daily news, analysis, opinions and government documents about employee benefit plans, including 401(k), pension, profit-sharing and other retirement plans; group health, and other kinds of welfare plans.  All news coverage is archived online, and fully searchable.  Also, the site hosts an award-winning job board at EmployeeBenefitsJobs.com


The homepage of our compliance partner, DATAIR Employee Benefit Systems, Inc. a leading provider of employee benefit compliance software and services for over 40 years. Beside many software solutions for employee benefits compliance, the site offers information on annual plan limits and rates, an annual compliance calendar, related articles and a “sortable” knowledge base of software by category or issue.

IRS Retirement

This is the official site of the Internal Revenue Services tax information page ruling over the tax issues of qualified retirement plans, like 401(k), 401(b), IRAs and others. It describes the types of retirement plans,FAQs about plans, Favorable Determination guidelines for favorable tax treatment of plans, aspects of plan compliance audits, guidance on correcting plan errors and a host of Forms, Publications and topical newsletters.

Reish & Reicher Employee Benefits Practice

Homepage of the country’s most esteemed business law firm, Reish & Reicher specializing in: business and tax, employment litigation and consulting, ERISA and benefits, fiduciary and benefits litigation. The site features monthly articles and is the source for authoritative ERISA newsletters (6x a year) which is distributed nationally to over 10,000 benefits professionals and plan sponsors. Those newsletters cover ERISA litigation, IRS and DOL audits, and plan design and operation.

We especially like the Spotlight on health and welfare plan issues and the Newsletters, which take complicated issues, regulations and laws and reduces them to digestible elements of key issues, practical considerations and recommendation action.