Total benefits compliance means Retirement Plan too
401(k) Plans have as many compliance requirements as health plans and we can help here too

The roots of ABV Advisors are in retirement plan compliance and consulting. Today, we primarily consult on ERISA-related issues affecting defined contribution plans like 401(k) plans, including Form 5500 and Form 8955-SSA preparation services.

We provide the in-depth knowledge and expertise you need when it comes to ERISA compliance requirements like nondiscrimination testing, Form 5500 reporting and related plan design issues.

We work in collaboration with an alliance partner in Indianapolis for plan administration services for all types of defined contributions plans, including both “small” plans and “large” plans that also require an annual audit by an independent qualified public accountant.

Our expertise also includes solid consulting knowledge of investment options and fees, participant communication and retirement readiness indicators.

Learn how we can better serve you and your employees.

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If you were asked, “Is your retirement plan successful”, how would you answer? How would you know? As a Plan Sponsor and fiduciary, it has never been more important to know whether your retirement plan is facing leeward or windward in the storm of economic instability, market volatility and dwindling staff support. ABV Retirement Plan Advisors has crafted a comprehensive and easy-to-understand evaluation tool to help you navigate. A quick 7-point appraisal yields a “score”, much like a credit score, that confirms whether your compass points North or South. Traversing the territory of fees, performance, fiduciary compliance, asset allocation, investment menu, employee education and engagement is simplified. The mission is simple, and it offers clear direction for what, if any, mid-course correction is needed to buoy the plan and put it back on course for success.

Determine if your 401(k) plan is performing on both a quantitative and a qualitative basis to ensure retirement goals and fiduciary responsibilities are being met.


At inception, our business was pure retirement plan accounting. Daily valuation changed much of the administration service market, but just as maps are still relevant despite the explosion of satellite navigation, so too is the need for simplified plan recordkeeping among small employers.  This niche service consists of basic recordkeeping services with year-end compliance and reporting.

It’s a unique and perfect solution for small plans with individual brokerage accounts where budgets are a big concern, but experience is critical. We reconcile investments, summarize participant accounts and determine plan level totals and reports so Form 5500 compliance is plain sailing. No plan is too small, and you’ll appreciate the simplicity of our approach.