If you’re offering your employees a Section 125 “cafeteria” plan and the tax advantages that come with it, ensuring the plan doesn’t discriminate in favor of highly compensated individuals is of utmost importance to avoid adverse tax consequences and keep the plan compliant with IRS regulations.

As one of the country’s top benefit compliance advisory firms, ABV Advisors has the expert consultants to manage your nondiscrimination requirement testing — including an eligibility test, key employee concentration test, benefits and contributions tests and more. We’ll conduct your plan’s testing early to resolve any issues and make corrections well before the end of the plan year.

ABV Advisors will walk you through the complexities and detailed testing rules of the various nondiscrimination tests for Section 125 plans. Our subject matter experts and industry-leading technology can give you the confidence to know your plans are compliant while we manage and navigate the nondiscrimination testing process.